“Ron started Lakeshore Cleaners, Inc, as an “odd jobs” specialty company at age 17.  That was more than 40 years ago.  Since that time, he has grown Lakeshore into one of our area’s premier landscape companies.  Most of Ron’s business is from repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.  He understands planning, budgeting, payroll, project management, and how to get the job done on time and within budget.  Ron will bring his successful business and leadership skills to our Grand Chute Town Board.  Even more importantly, though, Ron brings a desire to communicate with residents and to give people the respect and dignity they deserve.  He understands that our Town government exists to serve the people.”

Sharron Huss,
Former Grand Chute Supervisor,Chairman,
Grand Chute Police Academy Association

“I have been a Grand Chute resident for more than 82 years.  The staff at Grand Chute is easy to work with and professional.  In selecting members for the Town Board, it is important to support individuals who will strive to treat all taxpayers equally.  I have known Ron Wolff for more than 20 years.  He runs a successful business in which he must deal with people every day.  He knows it is important to treat everyone fairly.  As a member of the Town Board, he will make sure all taxpayers are treated equitably.  Each taxpayer will pay their fair share of Town expenses.”

Jim Long, Attorney
James R. Long Properties

“I have known Ron for over thirty years. He is genuinely concerned about his neighbors and the community. He is honest and does not mince words…and he has a great sense of humor. You could not have a better candidate than Ron Wolff.”  

Donna Van BueckenFounder, Wild Ones Fox Valley Area,
Past Member, Grand Chute Parks Commission

“I strongly recommend Ron Wolff as a candidate for Board Supervisor No. 1 for the Town of Grand Chute.   Ron is an owner of a truly amazing and unique assisted living community in Grand Chute.  As the Administrator of Willow Lane Assisted Living, I have witnessed a man who is passionate about serving others.  His enthusiasm motivates and unites people for the betterment of the community.  Ron has been a successful and respected businessman in the Town of Grand Chute for many years.  With a vested interest in the community, I believe Ron sincerely wants what is best for the hard-working people of Grand Chute and will help bring the necessary changes to make things fair and just.  I personally am grateful and honored to have worked closely with this man for 7 years.  I believe Ron Wolff is the real deal; a genuine heart for the good of the people and the community.”     

Brenda M. Dusso, Administrator
Willow Lane Assisted Living


“I’ve known Ron for over 20 years while operating the Northsider. I’ve not found a more conscientious person to work with on any matter. I think he would bring great insight into the town’s operation, Vote Ron to get the job done!”

Steve A. Resek
Owner Northsider

“I am honored to endorse Ronald Wolff for a position on the Grand Chute Town Board. I have known Ron for more than 25 years and consider him one of my best friends. He has always shown outstanding leadership skills and a commitment to fairness that is rare to find. Ron is a person who will listen to all points of view before making thoughtful decisions and is someone who always follows through on a promise. He has an excellent reputation in this community as a respectful person who is full of integrity. I am confident he will always put the interest of the taxpayer before his own. For these reasons and many more, I feel Ron is one of the best candidates the citizens of Grand Chute have had in many years.”

Benjamin Krueger
Ben’s Small Engine

Ron Wolff for Grand Chute, Supervisor #1
Paid for by Wolff for Grand Chute, Ron Wolff Treasurer